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5 Ways to Clean Your Carpet Without Having to Rent a Machine


5 Ways to Clean Your Carpet Without Having to Rent a Machine

We found this information from GMCTradeSecrets.aol.com and thought it could be useful to residents who have carpet stains. If you're already considering spending money on having your carpets professionally cleaned, why not try these tips first?

1. DIY Deodorizer: Once a month, sprinkle a layer of baking soda all over your carpets and rugs. The soda will soak up smells in your carpet. Allow it to sit for a few hours or overnight and then simply vacuum it up.

2. Make Your Own Spray Carpet Cleaner: If you look at the ingredient list on a commercial spray carpet cleaner, you'll notice they all have one familiar ingredient: hand soap. So, make a clear, scent-free spray cleaner yourself using scent-free hand soap with clean water in a 1:1 ratio spray bottle. Shake thoroughly and spritz an even layer on stubborn stains. Allow it to penetrate, and use a clean, white cloth to dab -- don't rub -- the stain and dirt particles out of the carpet fibers.

3. Create Your Own Steam Cleaner: For stubborn spots that have settled, create a steam cleaner-like environment to clean the carpet. Spritz some carpet cleaner (see #2), and allow it to penetrate while you heat up your clothing iron. Make sure it's full of clean water. Set the iron to medium high and use it to apply steam to the stain. Be sure not to place the hot iron surface directly on the carpet, as the heat could actually help set the stain and the direct heat can melt synthetic carpet fibers. Just hold the iron over the stain, and press the steaming button a few times, then dab the stain to remove.

4. Clean Up Greasy Spills: If you've dropped some oily food or an oily substance from the garage, take a tip from restaurants and home cooks to absorb the grease - a combination of flour and cornmeal. After cleaning as much of the spill as you can, sprinkle on some flour, corn meal, or a mixture of the two. Place a brown paper bag or piece of copy paper down on top. Both will help to wick away the oil from the fiber. This may take up to a day or two, so to keep things in place, place a pile of books or other heavy objects on the paper. That way, no one will step on it and the weight will increase the surface area of the paper and flour combination. Then, clean as usual. For another take on oily stains, check out GMC Trade Secrets pro Sabrina Soto's video tops for keeping your home clean and tidy - http://gmctradesecrets.aol.com/decor/keep-your-home-clean-and-tidy/#!slide=aol_5762823.

5. Remove Old Set Stains by Neutralizing them: If you have an old dark black or brown stain that won't go away, try a bit of science. If your carpet is made of acrylic fibers as opposed to wool (most modern carpet is nylon), mix an ammonia solution by diluting in it with a 1:5 ratio of ammonia to water. Then, spray onto your carpet and blot with a clean white towel. The ammonia will cause solids to let go of the carpet fibers. Be sure to clean thoroughly with water after you've removed the dirt.

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